Customized Presentations

As seen in the listing of offerings, Mary has an extensive library of educational events (keynotes and workshops) for parents and professionals. You can:

  1. Select from that library,
  2. Request a combination of topics or
  3. Discuss with Mary the idea of something totally different.

Mary takes time with each requester to understand their audience and to modify presentations to specifically meet their needs. Often she will pull material from a variety of her presentations to form a customized educational event that best meets the desires of the requesting group.

Whatever your group needs, you can be sure that Mary's presentation will be filled with the latest research and practical applications that will both entertain and inspire your audience. Because she presents throughout the world, she is skilled at adapting her presentations to differing cultures and local customs. Because of her years of experience, Mary can empathize with the feelings of her audience and because she is a mom, she openly speaks from her heart.

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