Sleepless in America: Is This Child Misbehaving or Missing Sleep?

Do you wonder why some children refuse to cooperate in the morning? Do you dread the constant bickering and fights with peers and siblings? Are the kids getting into trouble for not listening or lacking focus? Is it a battle every time you ask them to complete a task – any task? Are they "losing it" over seemingly insignificant issues, like a bad hair day or a misplaced assignment?

It's estimated that 69 percent of American children from infants to teens are literally screaming for more sleep, and yet are too wired to get it. The impact is significant. Research demonstrates that a mere 41 minutes of sleep deprivation begins to diminish children's mathematical reasoning skills. Lack of sleep is also related to lower grades, more health issues and impulse control problems. Unfortunately, behaviors that result from sleep deprivation are often misidentified as misbehaviors or symptoms of medical issues such as ADHD.

Join Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to discover:

  • The scientific link between misbehavior and missing sleep
  • Why adequate sleep is critical for maximizing children's health, development and performance
  • How parents and professionals working with children can significantly influence how much sleep children get
  • Practical tools and real-life examples to help you and the children you live or work with to get the sleep you need and deserve
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