Challenging Behavior or Stressed-Out Kids?

What do you do when the independent, capable child becomes unable to accomplish simple tasks or doesn't want you to leave him? Why does a child suddenly find it difficult to fall asleep? What do you do when the child who used to get along with everyone else is suddenly the "troublemaker" or simply refuses to participate at all? Why does a child suddenly start to "lose it" whenever there is a surprise or change in plans?

Children rarely tell us they are stressed with words. Instead they become argumentative, find the simplest tasks overwhelming and feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Join Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to discover:

  • The symptoms of stress in children's "challenging behaviors"
  • The link between adults' stress and children's
  • Tested techniques for soothing and calming
  • Why supporting children is not "spoiling them"
  • Tools for enhancing children's resiliency
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