Spirited Infants: Why Temperament Matters When Helping Infants Get the Sleep They Need

Do you wonder why some infants take 20 minute "cat naps" while others sleep for two hours? Why do some infants "startle" and wake themselves whenever they are laid down? And why do some babies only sleep when they're resting "on" their parent?

Sleeping problems such as difficulty falling asleep at night, short or non-existent naps and frequent night awakenings are the most common difficulties reported by parents. These sleep issues have been estimated to affect 20-30 percent of all full-term infants. In the United States alone where slightly more than four million infants are born each year this reflects over one million infants. Yet the commonly recommend strategies are often ineffective for these babies.

Join Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to discover:

  • Why some infants struggle more to sleep
  • Practical tools to help even the most "spirited" infants get the sleep they need.
  • Real-life examples to support families with spirited infants
  • How to help families sort all of the information on infant sleep and find "their way".
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