What to Do When the Kids are Losing It: Effective Strategies for the 'Heat of the Moment'

What do you do when the kids are losing it simply because someone "looked" at them wrong? How do you respond when the kids are screaming, "You're not my boss!" or, when you've given them five choices and NONE of them are acceptable. What do you do when a child is hitting, kicking or swearing at you?

Learning to calm one's self is an essential life skill. It is a skill that begins with us, the adults in their lives.

Join Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka to discover:

  • Why intensity is "catchy"
  • How your response changes the child's
  • Techniques for picking up the "cues" before a child melts down
  • Effective strategies to help you keep your cool
  • Practical tools for calming a child
  • How to teach a child to manage strong emotions and prevent melt downs in the future
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