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Raising Your Spirited Baby

“As a mom of three boys and a pediatrician who sees babies and toddlers every day in my office, I can tell you that no two children are alike.  Often, it’s how each baby enters the world, reacts to parents and interacts with his or her environment that determines their temperament and personality as they grow.  Dr. Mary explains that it is how you respond to your young baby that will shape their future behavior.  The more energizing, rambunctious, or as she calls them “spirited” babies, is her specialization, and in this book she leads parents through a step-by-step approach to see, hear, understand, and enjoy every moment with their baby because how you interact, respond, and parent your infant, can make all the difference in their future temperament, relationships, behavior, and success.”

Dr. Tanya Altmann, nationally recognized pediatrician and mom of 3,
author of Baby and Toddler Basics and What to Feed Your Baby 

"If you have a baby who is more sensitive, alert and intense, Raising Your Spirited Baby has the answers you need. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, EdD, brings her expertise in raising spirited children to help you understand and soothe your spirited baby. Her research-based, parent-tested strategies will help your baby sleep better and develop a calmer, more resilient brain and nervous system. I'll be recommending this for all new parents.

 Dr. Laura Markham PHD author of Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling
and Start Connecting. She earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University

"Raising Your Spirited Baby offers insight and relief into the often-very-fraught first months of parenting an infant. Over the years, I've come to know and care for many babies with this spirited 'wiring' - and now, Dr. Mary's latest research and strategies will allow me to provide clear, useful guidance." 

Dr. Marjorie Hogan, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, University of Minnesota

“As a pediatrician, and mother of spirited twins, I have seen first-hand how Mary’s wise words prove invaluable even years after your spirited infant has outgrown his basinet and pacifier.  Understanding that a spirited child is wired differently is key to helping him achieve regulation throughout the day and the calm needed for sleep.  With Mary’s gentle guidance, the things that right now seem out of control, unpredictable and exhausting will become the very things you cherish about your extraordinary child. Respecting that spirit will set your child up for a lifetime of healthy habits and success.”

—Dr. Jill Funk Simons, MD, FAAD

 Raising Your Spirited Baby is a gentle, encouraging guide to communicating and supporting babies who need a little more help in developing sleep patterns that work for them and the family. For parents stressed out and feeling guilty about their little one’s inability to sleep soundly through the night, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka offers practical support that will make everyone ‘sleep easier,’ confident that baby’s good sleep habits are developing as a result of working with this invaluable resource.”

                        --Nancy Peske, co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child