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Raising Your Spirited Baby
Table of Contents



1 Welcome to More . . . Spirit, Crying, Fussing, Giggling, Guilt, and Struggles to Sleep
The Joys and Very Real Challenges of Raising a Highly Alert, Intense, Spirited Baby

Part One: The Spirited Baby Method

 2 What Is My Baby Telling Me?
Tuning into Our Infants’ Unique Needs and Temperaments
 3 What Do I Need to Stay Calm So I Can Calm My Baby?
Untangling Our Emotions, Reframing Our Experiences, and Getting Support
4 How Can I Meet My Basic Needs Now?
Creating a Foundational Routine That Supports and Restores Us EVEN in the midst of Chaos
5 What Is the Gentle NUDGE to Success?
The 5-Step Technique for Calmer, More Joy-Filled Days

Part Two: The Spirited Way in Practice

 6 Successful Naps
The Importance of Daytime Sleep for Playful Babies and Restful Night-times
 7 Peaceful Nighttime Sleep
Your Baby’s Sleep Is a Family Affair
8 Happy Feeding
Creating Trust and Calm for Healthy Eaters
9 Enjoyable Outings
Socialize and Travel with Less Stress and More Fun for Everyone
10 Moving Forward with Confidence
Living, Loving, and Thriving with Spirit